Great news! My cooking & traveling lifestyles website,, has just been signed by one of the leading Public Relations Companies for Culinary Arts! Isn't that awesome?! Dalyn Miller, of the Dalyn Miller Public Relations Agency in Boston, flew out to Phoenix on Monday to meet with me and has decided to take me on as one of his clients! How awesome is that?! He will be launching my online business, kimistyle, which offers cooking & traveling videos, as well as my kimistyle line of herbs & spices. His publicist, Kirsten, will also be helping me create my book proposal for my upcoming Scandinavian Inspired Cookbook........isn't that fantastic?! So watch out everyone...........HERE I COME!!

I'll be bringing you a Sm￶rg¥sbord full of Scandinavian flavors to enhance your everyday cooking repertoire! Best of all, you'll find my recipes easy to follow, full of freshness and flavor and we'll use every day ingredients that you normally purchase at your local grocery store! But of course.......I will be sending you to IKEA at least a couple of times a year to get some of the Lingonberry & Cloudberry Preserves, Greenland Shrimp, Swedish Tunnbr￶d (thin bread), Prinskorv (cocktail sausages) and Sparkling Pear Cider so that you can really make it a complete Swedish experience!

Anyway.......I'll keep you all posted! My first press release will be coming out in the upcoming you will be the first to see what is going to be happening..............kimistyle!

To learn more about Dalyn's Public Relations Company and our upcoming KIMISTYLE Campaign, please visit his website:!

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