Did you ever think you might ask the do I distinguish between simmer, boil or rolling boil??? For some, this may be as evident as a clear sunny day! But for someone just learning how to cook, recipes might seem a little "greek" with all of the new cooking terms that are sifting swiftly across the pages!! Don't kimistyle, we answer any and all kinds of least the ones pertaining to cooking. traveling. living!!

Big, round bubbles will rise from the bottom of a boiling pot of water...that is how you know if the water is boiling or not!! Sometimes, they might even jump out at you if the water is a raging or rolling boil....!! Here the bubbles are bubbling a lot from the sides of the pot as well, not just from the center of the pot!! So be careful when you add pasta or vegetables to boiling water! You really don't want to get burned!!

Sometimes you will hear a chef say, "bring the sauce up to a simmer.....or you might read in a recipe...return to a boil and then allow to simmer. In either case the idea is the same. Heat up the item you are preparing over medium to medium-high heat until the small bubbles return, throughout the pot, and then reduce the heat to low allowing the bubbles to continue but at a slower pace than over the intense higher heat! To maintain a simmer, the small bubbles should continue around the edge of the pot or pan!

Regardless of your expertise in the kitchen, always take precautions to be safe!! Remember that your small children or pets might be in your surroundings and don't jeopardize their safety just because you are slightly stressed trying to make dinner while at the same time multitasking by talking on the phone!! Boiling water burns!! One more thing, NEVER bring oil to a boil!!! Be extremely cautious when you are cooking with olive or vegetable oils!! You want them to be hot........but never leave them on the stove cooking unattended!! That is a disaster just waiting to happen!

Have a great time cooking!

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