The "why" in "why should I have a party" really needs to be formalized, even if the reason is as simple as having your friends over for some wine and cheese. Putting the event into perspective, will help ease your planning, because you will actually be formulating your ideas, creating a game plan instead of just allowing fate to take its course! Why is that so important? Well, let's see........let's say that you decide to have a party on a Friday night. Your husband works late on Fridays and your kids have dance lessons and baseball practice. Your guests have similar situations at their homes.......but because you didn't take the time to plan the party, everyone is stressed, your friends are late, your husband is upset with you and the mood of the party is dampened and not really what you expected when you called your friends and invited them over for a simple evening of wine & cheese!

Extreme.......possibly, but situations can be accelerated by the moments surrounding them, and taking the time to formulate your thoughts will help eliminate simple frustrations that could otherwise be avoided! So start by looking over your calendar and try to pick a day of the week where you will actually have time to enjoy the event of having a party! Be as realistic as possible when planning your special event. If you work during the week, Saturday evenings are usually the best day of the week for arranging a special evening with friends and family. That will allow you extra time to spend in preparing for the evening. If your special event falls mid-week, try to simplify your dinner arrangements, creating a menu that can be prepared in advance! Having a party should be fun, so make it a ᆱ succ│s ᄏ by taking the time to "pr←voir en affaires"! Got that....? Make it a success by taking the time to plan the event!

Good luck!

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