Gu￶ V¦rdhus, Trensum, Sweden
A pearl in the heart of Blekinge's archipelago, Gu￶'s V¦rdshus is a magnificent place to vacation if you find yourself on a holiday in southern Sweden!! Beautiful, decorative tile fireplaces from the 1800's enhance the warmth and hospitality you will find when you arrive at this charming guest house! Believe it or not, but the owners of Gu￶'s V¦rdshus, Peter and Kristina Jormeus, were summer guest of ours at the Restaurant Magasinet in Sm￶gen!! My good friend Sune made the arrangements for me to visit this gorgeous inn and when I arrived, Peter made mention that he recognized only took a few seconds to resolve that during their summer holidays each year that they always came to Sm￶gen to dine-n-dance at Magasinet!! Isn't that outrageous!! Funny how small the world really is!!

Featuring 30 cozy and beautifully decorated guest rooms this inn creates a warm and personal level of service and hospitality! Relax with a Spendrup's beer and a shot of ABSOLUT in their sauna facility!! They even offer an indoor putting green for avid golfers who need a fix during the long, dark Swedish winter!! They have 6 boats that you can rent for a jaunt around the adjoining bay!! Even fishing is appropriate for those who want to catch a pike and spend the afternoon enjoying the peacefulness that only water creates!!

I was fortunate to join them for a magnificent presentation of their traditional Swedish Christmas Sm￶rg¥sbord!! Over 100 dishes are prepared by their creative chef, Niklas and his staff each evening during the Christmas Holiday Season!! My favorite dish was the Gourmet Herring that was nicely balanced with flavor and color! Other tasty treats were the Jansson's Frestelse, Wild Pate, Fish & Seafood Pate, Gravad Lax and Poached Salmon! Each was equally aromatic with subtle Swedish essences!

Peter and Kristina have been blessed with the lovely location of their guest house, nestled in the woods, so make sure to visit them on your next visit to the region of Blekinge in southern Sweden! Just make sure to let them know...kimistyle sent you!!



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