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Staffan and I have been to Greece many times, starting with our first excursion on Corfu, an island off the west coast of Greece. Most of the memories I have of that trip are centered around the hideous hotel we stayed at on the beach, The Pink Palace. We were out on a 2 month inter-rail holiday, so our finances were limited to how much we could pay for hotel rooms each night! But this place was a hoot! When we arrived in the room, I casually hopped on the bed and it fell to the floor! Okay, I only weighed around 120 pounds at the time, so one wouldn't expect to be found on the floor so easily! But the beaches were great, the nightlife was fantastic with all of the Greek guys dancing at the disco (this was way back in 1983) and the food was spectacular!

Other times we visited the islands of Rhodos, Mykonos, Paros, Kos, Santorini, Naxos and the mainland including Athens, of course! The Greek Islands are so quaint with the white stucco buildings highlighted with bright royal blue accents! The people were friendly and often we were invited in to visit over a friendly glass of ouzo!

Every evening was spent indulging in some traditional Greek food! Sometimes we ventured out and just pointed on the menu, without understanding what we were ordering. But in every case we had to start with a Greek Salad! We tried so many different variations of Greek Salad at all of the different restaurants it was hard to pick a favorite! Most of the countryside variations omitted the lettuce and were consisting of just tomato, feta, cucumber and onions. Some had kalamata olives, and others had green peppers. We didn't find a single one with tzatziki and pepperocini peppers! There was one common link..... each of the salads was dressed with light red wine vinaigrette with a touch of mint. Moussaka and Gyros were favorites as well. Of course we had to try the local fish dishes, usually just pan-seared with some fresh lemon. Most of the lamb kebabs were served with the tzatziki and every visit required a shot of ouzo and local retsina!

On the right you will find some of my suggestions for a Greek Feast! The links to the recipes are underneath the pictures and you will also find a video for each of the dishes once you pull up the recipe!

One can hardly have a Greek feast without the Cucumber, Dill & Mint Salad! It's a twist on the tzatziki sauce, but in a salad format! You can add garlic if you want to make it more reminiscent of tzatziki, however I omitted it from the original recipe to offer a non-garlic alternative! Of course, the Roasted Leg of Lamb is essential and you can serve it with the Mediterranean Cous Cous and the Roasted Vegetable Orzo! Use the leftover lamb for a gyro! Serve with a Greek Retsina or even an Italian Pinot Grigio or Chianti!


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