· Absolute's Key Lime Cheesecake with Grande Marnier Cr│me

· Chocolate Ganache Log with Punsch Marinated Currants & Hazelnuts

· Citrus Torte with Lingonberry Cr│me

· Coconut Plantain Croquettes drizzled with Mango Sauce

· Decadent Chocolate Mascarpone Crisp with Chocolate Ganache

· Forest Berry Lemon Shortcake with Lingonberry Mascarpone Cr│me

· German Caramel Torte

· Lingonberry Parfait with Meringue

· Lingonberry Pears with Hazelnut Cr│me

· Mama Solwor's Lemon Coconut Squares

· Puff Pastry with Fresh Fruit and Ice Cream

· Swedish Apple & Pear Tosca

· Swedish Blackberry Hazelnut Torte with Amaretto Cr│me

· Swedish Cloudberry Parfait T¥rta

· Swedish Gingerbread Cake with Lingonberry Cr│me

· Toasted Coconut Amaretto Parfait drizzled with Chocolate Ganache

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