Hello Everyone!!

Have you been into our website recently?? Well, there are some wonderful changes and additions that you really must see! Our home page is much more user friendly, with a larger video introduction and new pictures of some of our kimistyle tasty treats!! If you're not already a member.......WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?? kimistyle is loads of fun, with over 75 cooking and traveling videos already online, over 200 kimistyle recipes and even some wonderful kimistyle herbs and spices that you really have to try.......they are AWESOME!! Every month we will be adding more cooking and traveling videos to the archives until every recipe has a cooking video........and every wonderful holiday spot is highlighted......and every great winery is as you can see, kimistyle is a never-ending project, full of exciting concepts that will keep you entertained each and every time you visit!!

As Father's Day is quickly approaching, I am sure that you are busy trying to think of something fun for Dad.......something from the grill, I would presume.........but you're not going to make Dad stand at the grill and cook it now..........right?!! Here is an Italian favorite that I think you might like.....its extremely simple......and it puts a new twist on how to serve a steak and salad! It's our kimistyle Bistecca, a beautifully Grilled Porterhouse or Ribeye Steak, topped with some peppery Arugula tossed with a fresh Citrus Vinaigrette and topped with a Grape Tomato Relish! Serve it with some homemade Garlic Toast, a ZD Pinot Noir or ZD Cabernet Sauvignon and DAD will be enjoying life to its fullest!

Maybe Dad is more of a burger kind of guy, knocking it down with a couple of Dos Equis and Cuervo shots? You're thinking Mexican but you really would like to introduce something new with an exotic twist? Well, then have I got the burger for Father's Day! It's our Arizona Quesadilla Burger with Guacamole and Tomato & Corn Salsa! It's absolutely fantastic.....but you'll have to explain to DAD that he needs a knife and fork for this one!

Dessert...........well, I know what my Dad would have liked to enjoy this Father's Day, had he still been here with us! Unfortunately he passed away last year and even though this is our second Father's Day without DAD, I have to say I miss him immensely!! But..........he is in my heart, bouncy around in my soul and yelling out for me to create something wonderful on his behalf! doing so, I have taken the traditional Strawberry Shortcake and turned it into a delightful new twist......Forest Berry Lemon Shortcake with Lingonberry Cr│me!! ALL of the wonderful tastes and flavors that Dad absolutely loved.......together with our Swedish favorite, are going to love this one!

So........I hope these tasty little tidbits can be helpful to you this Father's Day! The recipes can be found at!! They should be posted on our website by Tuesday, June 12th! Enjoy and wish your Dad a Happy Father's Day from me..........kimi!

Ha en trevlig helg!
Puss o kram!


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