Steve Hogle was born and raised in Southern Florida USA and now resides on the seacoast of New Hampshire. Steve is a self taught emerging Artist, with an obscure sense of capturing the unusual within a photo. Detail is especially important to him in shadows, textures and the use of an array of lighting and colors. Each photo and/or watercolor is made to invite the viewer in to grab hold or simply relax within the main subject matter of the photograph. His collections of one of a kind originals and prints are captivating viewers and are being hailed by art loving enthusiasts across New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts.

With each of his original photographs Steve uses alternatives to dark room processing. With numerous powerful software tools, he literally uses his photograph as a canvas using specific brush strokes and different levels of moisture, tinting and shadowing. Sometimes a mixture of original photographs are layered over other layers to give a fantastic surreal effect. The overall all look being dependant on the subject matter and the effect he is trying to achieve within each photograph. A single shot and piece of art work can take hours to create. His goal is to take a photographic image and give it a tasteful feel, conjuring the mind to ask if it's a photograph or a painting. Each one is unique in it's finished appearance and the effect that was used in getting to the final project. Many people see the watercolor first, however upon looking at the piece longer they see the photographic detail underlying in his work. In any respect each piece is an original photograph created with an alternative process and taken one step further in the ever changing world of modern art and photography.

Displayed on the right is a sampling of Steve's captivating photography. For more information about Steve and to view his gallery of artistic creations, simply go to his website

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