"My relationship with my material -- the glass itself-- is playful, pleasurable and bold and it both enriches my own life and lends beauty to everyday life", explains Ingegerd R¥man, designer at Orrefors Crystal.

Ingegerd is one of Swedish design's leading figures. Simplicity is the key to her design and her work embodies form and function in perfect equilibrium. In her work, Ingegerd uses the transparent glass and those minute additions that give her objects definition and focus.
Over the years, Ingegerd R¥man has received numerous awards for her work, and in 1995 was awarded a Swedish government professor?s title. In 1999, Ingegerd joined the talented team of artists at Orrefors.

Her collection for Orrefors includes Skyline, Slowfox and Undercover, all three of which are characterized by the purity of line and functionality that mark her approach to design.

The 2005 collection includes several new products from Ingegerd R¥man, including the limited edition fluted art glass Caracalla and Night and Day.

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