Gourmet Gr￶n, Karlshamn, Sweden
There's more than just vegetables at Gourmet Gr￶n!!

Imagine 10 people from different cultures, economic diversity, political perspectives and educational backgrounds gathering together at one large dining table. During a long dinner of wonderfully prepared fresh, organic food they find themselves coming closer together. All of a sudden their cultural differences dissipate as they relax and enjoy each others company, the essence of the meal and the conversation. Dining creates new possibilities. This is Paul Bosse of Gourmet Gr￶n's take on food -- it should be a place for people to gather and enjoy time together! Of course, he also adds that meals should be easy to prepare, encompass an intense level of flavor and should also create healthy energy!

On a recent visit to Gourmet Gr￶n I had the opportunity to meet with Paul and Lisbet Bosse to learn more about the concept behind the restaurant, their new adventures of educating IKEA chefs throughout Sweden and their new product line of flavor bases that they are introducing in conjunction with Culinar, the largest spice manufacturer in northern Europe! The central idea behind Gourmet Gr￶n is using fresh ingredients and adding unique flavors to create simple entrees that are easy to prepare! They started out in 1992 as a primarily vegetarian restaurant but have implemented fish, meat and poultry into their dishes but in a secondary position! By that I mean the focus on each meal is put on the unique side dishes prepared to go with the fish or meat dishes! In all cases, the food has an exceptional flavor because of the careful selection of ingredients, always using the freshest, organic (if possible) products available. Paul was just in the process of hosting an educational program for IKEA. Over 20 of their Swedish Chefs will learn the Gourmet Gr￶n flavor adding principles created by Paul and his chefs. The flavor bases they are creating together with Culinar will be first available to large industrial kitchens and restaurants. In the future, Culinar will be also launching these for consumer use as well!

Lisbet invited us back for dinner that evening and I must admit it was a "symphony of electrifying flavors"! Tomas and Patrik, the chefs at Gourmet Gr￶n, created a dazzling Swedish Sm￶rg¥sbord full of unique sensations! Unlike a traditional Christmas Table, at Gourmet Gr￶n your taste buds will explode with the hint of mint, fresh ginger and chilies that you find in their dishes! One of my favorite dishes was the Red Cabbage Salad with a suspicion of cinnamon stick, fresh ginger, star anis and cardamom. They also offered a Fresh Herb Stuffed Warm Smoked Salmon with Fresh Herb Sauce that was also extremely tasty! You'll find a video presentation of Gourmet Gr￶n's Christmas Sm￶rg¥sbord soon on the website for you to view as well!!

My good friend Sune Ehring was kind enough to introduce me to Gourmet Gr￶n on my most recent visit to Karlshamn, Sweden. So now it is upon me to return the favor and introduce you to this "p¦rla" pearl in southern Sweden!! Gourmet Gr￶n is only open for lunch, unless you book a special dinner event for a larger group, so make sure you mark your calendar and visit Gourmet Gr￶n when you are in southern Sweden!! Please let them know kimistyle sent you.....that will make them smile!!

Smaklig m¥ltid....enjoy your meal!!


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